Tai Chi Cloud Hands Fall Workshop

We are in the process of finalizing the details of a Tai Chi Cloud Hands workshop with Robert Tangora this fall in Boston, from October 26-28.

As preparation for the workshop, I will be teaching a fall course at Brookline Tai Chi, covering the basic mechanics of Cloud Hands, as well as the prep exercises from Robert’s newly published book.

I’m really looking forward to taking everyone at Brookline Tai Chi through these exercises and at the same time, working with members of the Inner Form coaching program to improve their Cloud Hands practice.

In fact, I just shared a 25-minute follow-along practice mp3 with the Inner Form members, guiding them through a set of Cloud Hands prep exercises. This is the same kind of coaching I give people in live classes each week.

More and more it amazes me just how many different ways we are able to refine and improve qigong and Tai Chi practice. Of course, people have been teaching themselves the basics from books for years, but I think we’ve entered age where getting feedback and guidance remotely is getting much more sophisticated.

Sure, there are elements of the practice that will only be transmitted in person, but think of how much more we are able to share this way, through video, audio, email, and written discussion — across the globe.

It amazes me that people continue to find this site, reach out, and connect with each other about something so personal, so individual, and so fundamental to their sense of well-being.

And I’m grateful that I get to share in that with all of you!

Ok, ok, so back to the workshop announcement:

  • If you’re in Boston and you want to prep for Tai Chi Cloud Hands with Robert Tangora in October, be sure you’re on the Brookline Tai Chi mailing list when we announce the new course.
  • If you plan to come to Boston for the workshop, you should probably join the BTC email list too, so you’ll get all the details.
  • If you’re already a member of the Inner Form section of this site, be sure to download your practice mp3.
  • If you have a Tai Chi practice (budding or established) and you’re looking for other dedicated practitioners who will share ideas with you, give you feedback and motivate you to keep up your practice, you should join us in the Inner Form section.

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  1. Tom Valovic says:

    Really looking forward to both Cloud Hands workshops. Cheers.

  2. Kevin Hartwell says:

    Wow; that would be a really cool experience.

  3. Hi Dan,

    Could you please describe how feedback in Coaching works? Do students upload the files with their videos and you (or somebody else) would make comments on them? And if feed back works like this, how often this can be done, like once a month?

    Technology makes wonders these days…

  4. Hi Igor,

    Yes, getting my direct feedback is one of the components of the coaching program. There is a forum where people ask questions andwe discuss practice themes. I moderate these discussion and often post follow-up video and audio to clarify answers that go beyond written explanation.

    When someone submits a video for feedback (usually by sharing a private youtube link with me), I give them feedback that takes a few weeks of practice to integrate, but there’s no limit on frequency per se.

    Let me know if that makes sense.