Energy Gates in Vancouver, BC, Spring 2014

Standing Qigong

Dan standing in New Mexico, not Vancouver (yet!).

Do you live in or near Vancouver?

Are you willing to travel to refine your Energy Gates practice?

At the behest of a few eager Vancouver locals, I wanted to reach out and see if any of our Northwest-oriented readers would be interested in a spring 2014 Energy Gates seminar.

Date and exact location haven’t been nailed down yet, but if there’s enough demand, I would love to come out and do some Energy Gates with you.

Already excited? Sign up here so we can explore it more.

Energy Gates Seminar Topics

There are so many great Energy Gates subjects related to Standing Qigong, Cloud Hands, The Swings, and The Spine Stretch, but I’d like to take the approach of answering the burning questions that always come up when you start working on Standing, Sinking and Dissolving, like:

  • I have a lot of tension around my low back (or knees), how do I adapt the posture so it’s not painful?
  • Should I use the actual gates in my practice or focus on general sinking and dissolving?
  • It is quite a struggle to constantly remind myself to slow down. How do I slow my mind down without causing mental tension?
  • I’m starting to feel chi when I stand. What do I do with it?
  • I can’t feel chi when I stand. What do I do?
  • How do I integrate standing, breathing, sinking, and dissolving?
  • When I sink the chi of one part of my body, does it go all the way down to the ground?
  • I get too tense when I try to maintain my alignments as I stand. What should I do>
  • I’m experiencing shaking, sweating, heat or other weird bodily sensations. Is that normal?

If you want to get live, personal feedback and soak up all the good chi of intensive group practice, then come stand with us in Vancouver next year!

Fill out the form below and I will in touch directly with you about the details. If we can get a big enough group together, we’ll make it happen.

Thanks again to the folks who initiated this conversation!

Fill out my online form.

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  1. I’m signing up! I just hope this idea will come to fruition and we’ll have a good quality workshop here in the North West.

  2. I’m interested. I’m down in Eugene and teaching tai chi and qigong with a small group of people. I could probably interest a couple of them to learn and explore Energy Gates, especially if the workshop were a little closer than BC, like Seattle or Portland.

  3. Daryl Johnson says:

    Just getting started with the energy gates teachings and the swings. I live in eastern Washington state but would drive to Vancouver, Seattle, Portland or Eugene in March or April for this workshop. Thanks Dan for your thorough videos.