Who Trains with Me

People have lots of different motivation for seeking out a practice they can own, that helps shape how they feel and how they move. In general, though, I find that there are two big reasons people come to see me and pursue this work.

Peace of Mind

The process of cultivating a lifelong sense of your own energy – to feel it flowing well, in abundance, and be able to do what you love, really comes down to feeling at ease with yourself. I believe this is reflected in how we move. As a result, I try to tailor training to help people reach these goals.

Dan is an extremely patient and caring person who knows his stuff.  his competence combined with his sense of humor and seriousness in everything he does makes me feel I’m in good hands.  The neuromatrix concepts we’ve discussed with Z-Health work is an interesting approach to taking care of your body. — Vivien G.

Dan understands the human body from a perspective unique to any other practitioner I’ve been to. I’m working with Dan on neck, shoulder and knee pain and it’s fascinating to learn movements to do at home to heal long-term misalignments. The technique Dan uses is helping me on many levels. He is also teaching me how to breath to strengthen my overall health. I’m better today for the program Dan has customized for my needs. — Debbie M.


Another big motivator is to get up, go out, and do. When you are feeling good and have lots of energy, this is a natural outgrowth. I’m constantly amazed at the way even slight tweaks can have a big impact on people’s desire and ability to go out and perform.

I really enjoyed working with Dan; he catered the exercises to just where I was when we started and made subtle but critical modifications as I progressed. I’ve incorporated the drills I learned from Dan into my triathlon training and if I go for 2 or 3 days without them, I really notice an increase in my pain levels and the duration needed for full recovery between workouts. — Rachel W.

I used to get shin splints when I ran, which kept me from sticking with it and achieving my goals. After working with Dan on Z-Health drills, I have no pain after I run- I feel great! — Sarah L.

I have great things to report to you about our session last Friday. I am so impressed with this model and how complimentary it is with energy practice and tai chi. With these simple movements, I was able to mitigate re-stressing myself during my gig. It worked, we hit the bulls-eye. I am not in pain, I had an amazing event and it was easy to integrate. — Catherine B.