Gratitude for Immersive Learning

Last night I taught my last two weekly classes at Brookline Tai Chi. Next month, I’ll be diving into a new intensive learning experience, building software applications and learning about the web from a depth I’ve only poked at up until now. (I have some really cool stuff planned for Immersion Week too, so I’m […]

Energy Gates Moving Exercises: Immersion Week 2014

I’m getting excited about Immersion Week at BTC next month, where we’ll take another look at the Spine Stretch and the Three Swings. Another look? Like we’ve done it before? Yes! Why is it exciting to go back to the same qigong sets over and over again? So-called creative people understand better than most that […]

Immersion Week 2014 and the Tai Chi Way to Better Balance Book

I’m very excited to share some news about two big projects with you today: Brookline Tai Chi’s annual Immersion Week and the publication of the Tai Chi Way to Better Balance as a physical book. Join me from Tuesday, April 22 – Friday, April 25 at Brookline Tai Chi in Boston for Energy Gates Moving […]

Energy Gates in Vancouver, BC, Spring 2014

Do you live in or near Vancouver? Are you willing to travel to refine your Energy Gates practice? At the behest of a few eager Vancouver locals, I wanted to reach out and see if any of our Northwest-oriented readers would be interested in a spring 2014 Energy Gates seminar. Date and exact location haven’t […]

Put More Chi in Your Tai Chi — Upcoming Chicago Seminar

Next month I’ll be teaching at Enso Tai Chi. If you’re in the Chicago area, come by to and learn how to go deeper into the internal work of your Tai Chi practice. Here’s what we’ll be focusing on: Seminar Details Date: Saturday, November 10 Time: 10:00am – 12:30pm and 2:00 – 4:00pm Cost: $65 […]