Cloud Hands Qi Gong: Mindful Movement for Health

Qi gong (also spelled Qigong or Chi Kung) focuses on both your mind and body. The objective of Cloud Hands qi gong is to “promote the movement of vital energy throughout the body,” according to the Natural Chinese Martial Arts & Qi Gong School of New Jersey.

Dr. Oz’s Opinion

On an episode of Oprah, Dr. Oz was asked what was the “one practice he would recommend to people to stay healthy.” Dr. Oz recommends Cloud Hands qi gong, for it achieves the following benefits:

  • Reverses the aging process
  • Keeps a person healthy
  • Extends life to 100 years
  • Increases energy and strength

He treated an older couple with a program of good nutrition plus qi gong. Both husband and wife lost weight, gained energy, stopped taking several prescriptions and aged slower.

Mindful Movement

All qi gong practices use mindful movement as the vehicle for attaining energy and a sense of well being. Cloud Hands qi gong is one type of qi gong. This method uses Cloud Hand movements. The structure of this meditation originates in tai chi. The result is internal energy and vitality. You will also be developing martial ability.

How to Perform Cloud Hands Qi Gong

Energy Gates Qigong Cloud Hands

Cloud Hands Qi Gong

Begin with the basic tai chi stance; standing with legs together. Move your legs about approximately 10 inches with knees over the ankles and spine straight. Your feet should be parallel with a U-shape between your legs. Arms should be to your side. Breathing is abdominal. Your tongue should be on the roof of your mouth. Swallow saliva that may form with one clump.

Lift your left arm up vertically. As you raise your arm slowly, follow the extended hand with your eyes as it rises to the height of your shoulders. Fingers should be apart, not too loosely and not tight. It is important that both your mind and body partake in the movement.

Turn extended arm slowly as it sinks downward. Simultaneously, begin lifting right arm slowly. Where hands would meet in the front, the palms will face each other, both arms turning over half way.

As the arms move up and down, turn your body toward the side of the falling arm, using your kwa and legs to drive the movement. Your body should be straight with shoulders relaxed. These movements are basic and for beginners. As you progress, you will be doing a wider movement involving more twisting through your legs.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, Cloud Hands qi gong will also alleviate stress and improve your health. It is a beautiful art form to watch and especially to do.

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