Ba Gua

Ba Gua is a circle-walking martial art and meditation practice.

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Otherwise, here are some recent posts on ba gua topics that you might enjoy:

Qigong Radio Episode 2: Developing Your Soft Tissue with Paul Cavel

In episode 2 of Qigong Radio, I sat down with Energy Arts Senior Instructor Paul Cavel to discuss what it feels like to work with soft tissue — muscle, fascia, and ligaments — in the internal arts. We discussed the different stages of practice and one of my favorite topics: adopting the right mindset so […]

Why You Should Not Worry About Breathing in Tai Chi

In this Inner Form office hours clip, Nate asked me about a specific issue on breathing in the Marriage of Heaven and Earth qigong. If your main focus is Tai Chi, then I would recommend that you pretty much ignore breathing as you practice, but you should focus on opening up the body enough to […]

The Yin and Yang of Learning and Teaching the Internal Arts

Paul and Energy Arts Instructor Peter Jenkins

This is a guest post from my friend and fellow instructor, Paul Cavel. I asked Paul to talk a little bit about his experience teaching all over Europe and what he’s learned after nearly 20 years doing it. There are some great insights here about the internal energy arts that you can apply to your […]

Making More Space Inside Your Body

One of the most counter-intuitive feelings in qigong, Tai Chi, or Ba Gua is the way that making more space inside the body allows you open more outwardly as well. In these two Inner Form office hours video clips, I show Brendan how making more space in the kwa and shoulder’s nest can help her […]

Turn the Legs to Turn the Body

When you see a series of exercises, you can either look at what’s common to all of them, or how they are different. In this video, I go through several variations of turning exercises, where I’m using the connection between the legs and the spine to drive body movement. Most people will look at the […]

Twisting Through the Legs

Twisting, especially the legs, is one of those techniques that sounds really cool, but it easy to overdo. Going slow and steady with twisting can help everything loosen up. My advice: at first work on feeling what naturally happens rather than trying to make something happen. Develop sensitivity.

Accessing Quiet Awareness with Lee Burkins

Lee Burkins Ba Gua

In June, between sessions at Brookline Tai Chi and during master classes with Bruce Frantzis, a small group of students got a special treat. Energy Arts Senior Instructor Lee Burkins was in town to train with Bruce, and on one of the nights off, he offered a special evening course on a topic he calls […]

Q&A with Energy Arts Senior Instructor Paul Cavel

Paul Cavel is an Energy Arts Senior Instructor based in London. He teaches regular weekly classes there, but he’s also been traveling all over the UK and Europe for years teaching workshops, including annual week-long retreats in Crete. I talked to Paul a little bit about his background in Tai Chi, neigong, and Ba Gua […]

Ba Gua Program Product Launch

I’ve been working with the team at Energy Arts on various projects, but mainly in the capacity as a community coordinator. Currently, my focus is on helping them get a new community discussion forum off the ground, but I also had the chance to participate in the launch of their new Ba Gua Mastery Program. […]