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Breathing Techniques: Am I Doing it Right?

I recently received this breathing question and I thought it was worth sharing with everyone here as a post. (Don’t forget, you can send me your practice questions!) I’m really confused! I took a Yang Style Tai Chi course and at the end of the class we would do Qigong. He said “We will do […]

The Itch to Move Your Chi

If we're all just energy, then why don't I have any?

We tend to think about our energy level like the money we have in the bank. You wake up in the morning, look in your energetic wallet and say, “I’ve got a lot of energy today” or “Man, I need 7 cups of coffee.” Or, to put it another way, thanks to this New Yorker […]

Standing Qigong Breathing Exercises — Mp3

The biggest question people ask me about standing qigong, especially when they hear about the 2-hour project, is “what do you do, just stand there?” There is actually a really delicate balance between “doing” and “feeling” when you stand. You learn lots of different techniques, like breathing, sinking, dissolving, and pulsing, but how you apply […]

The Virtues of a Newborn in Taoist Practices

Lao Tzu Statue courtesy of Wu Wei Taoist Arts

In all Taoist practices, there is a theme of moving like a newborn. We look to the softness, connectedness, and smoothness of their movements to re-learn and relax how we normally get around. Taoist breathing trains you to move your belly, sides, and back in a gentle compress and release pattern that tones the internal […]

Poll: What Does It Feel Like When You Meditate?

I was talking to a friend last night about standing qigong and different meditation traditions that we had both tried. When we say “meditation” in this context, we were including all practices like breathing for relaxation, Tai Chi, qigong, and sitting practices too. Part of what I’d like to hear from you (see below) is […]

The Difference Between Breathing in Yoga and Tai Chi

As Nate and I were discussing specific breathing challenges in qigong and Tai Chi, he started to explain the way he had learned to work with breathing and movement in his yoga training. It’s fascinating to compare strategies for working with the mind-body connection across different systems, and while this is by no means a […]

Why You Should Not Worry About Breathing in Tai Chi

In this Inner Form office hours clip, Nate asked me about a specific issue on breathing in the Marriage of Heaven and Earth qigong. If your main focus is Tai Chi, then I would recommend that you pretty much ignore breathing as you practice, but you should focus on opening up the body enough to […]

My Favorite Breathing Hack

The Wall Test is one of my favorite “breathing hacks” — a simple, fast exercise you can do to get feedback on how well you are breathing. Check out this instruction in this video and try it for yourself:

To Breathe or Not To Breathe — January 29 Webinar

Join me for “To Breathe or Not To Breathe”, a webinar where we will explore the challenges and big payoffs that come from doing your breathing practice correctly. Perhaps more than any other technique, cultivating a breathing practice presents an interesting training paradox: how do you change something your body does automatically 20,000 times a […]

Guided Practice Aides

Here’s a round-up of guided practice aides I’ve put together in various sections of the site. What else would help you with your current practice? Let me know here.