Tai Chi Cloud Hands Fall Workshop

We are in the process of finalizing the details of a Tai Chi Cloud Hands workshop with Robert Tangora this fall in Boston, from October 26-28. As preparation for the workshop, I will be teaching a fall course at Brookline Tai Chi, covering the basic mechanics of Cloud Hands, as well as the prep exercises […]

Exercises from The Internal Structure of Cloud Hands

One of the toughest parts of learning movement exercises from a book is knowing what goes in between each still photo. That’s why I’m very excited that Robert Tangora has put out an overview video of all the exercises that he teaches in the Internal Structure of Cloud Hands.

The Internal Structure of Cloud Hands by Robert Tangora

The Internal Structure of Cloud Hands by Robert Tangora

Robert Tangora’s new book, The Internal Structure of Cloud Hands, has just been published. Last October, I spoke to Robert about why he chose this topic for a Tai Chi book and what he hoped to communicate to people. Based on that interview, working with him live doing his Cloud Hands training, and the meticulous […]

Cloud Hands for Rhythm and Flow

Energy Gates Qigong Cloud Hands

Cloud Hands is one of the best containers for developing better rhythm and flow in your practice, but you’ve got to work on rhythm and flow separately. The reason is that you develop two very different qualities of mind when you work on these two seemingly related skills.