Neutralizing Stressful Interactions with Tai Chi Push Hands

Last week, I asked you about stressful situations and many of you shared your responses to the Most Stressful Interaction of Your Week. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I hope the guided practice sessions I sent you in return helped bring some relaxation into your life. This week, I want to dive […]

Learning to Desire Pain as a Tai Chi Exercise

In response to Transforming Conflict with Tai Chi, many of you sent me stories of situations where you were forced into a tense encounter and you had to draw on your practice to get you through it. After, you feel relief and you can move on, but sometimes the idea slips through that, “hey, I’m […]

Transforming Conflict with Tai Chi

photo by Orange Steeler

At the center of Tai Chi practice, you cultivate your ability to listen — to your own internal state, to the energy of other people, and to the world around you. When it comes to interaction, and intense interaction like conflict, your internal state matters. The very first lesson you learn in Tai Chi Push […]