Guided Practice Aides

Here’s a round-up of guided practice aides I’ve put together in various sections of the site. What else would help you with your current practice? Let me know here.

Case Study: Energy Gates Tune-Up

In this case study, you’ll see how Kevin improved his Cloud Hands and Swings through video feedback. While you can follow a guided practice for the standing qigong portion of Energy Gates, doing a follow-along for the moving exercises doesn’t really help you improve your practice, so feedback is key. Going through the process of […]

Swings Webinar Replay

Just a quick note to let you know that if you missed Sunday’s webinar on the Three Swings from Opening the Energy Gates, you can check out a replay here.

How Active Should I Be When Standing?

Lately, I’ve been trying to do some sinking during standing qigong,  in addition to other practices, like opening and closing, but I don’t get the full calming effect of the sinking.  This is a problem, because it gets a lot of energy moving and something this manifests as more anger than I would like. What […]

What’s The Best Way to Practice "Sinking the Chest?"

Sinking the chest while raising the spine is a key energetic alignment practiced in Tai Chi to facilitate a grounding, downward flow of energy. Martial artists use it to develop their root and anyone who “gets stuck in their head” will find some relief employing this principle. The question is: Do you have a good […]

The Challenge of the Three Swings

The Three Swings from Energy Gates are some of the most challenging exercises to do well in the entire Energy Arts curriculum. You have to relax, maintain good alignment, and coordinate stepping and turning while moving faster than most other qigong exercises. Let’s talk a little bit about why the Three Swings are important and […]

Opening the Energy Gates by Bruce Frantzis is The Most Important Qigong Book To Have in Your Library

There is no other book I return to more for my qigong practice than Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body by Bruce Frantzis. It’s the one I consistently recommend to students and anyone who emails the school to inquire about starting a qigong practice before they have access to a teacher. Here’s how to […]

What do I do about Energy Stuck in My Head?

I’d like some tips for directing energy to very specific blocked-up areas—in my case, towards eyes and sphenoid area, plus back of neck.