Embrace the Cold to Feel Your Chi

It’s been such a cold winter in the Northeastern US this year, that even Niagara Falls has frozen over. Every night, students come in to class shivering, that is, once they’ve resolved to venture out in the cold and the dark. And many haven’t even been up for that. Today I want to tell you […]

Kilimanjaro Made Easy

Z-Health Master Trainer Jen Waak is a self-described “recovering management consultant”. These days, she helps other “Keyboard Athletes” improve and maintain their bodies and stay healthy even when they’re stuck behind a desk all day. What surprised me about reading Jen’s advice on “what you should do at your desk”, was that it sounded a […]

Introducing the “Foundations of Relaxation” Series

Your Picture May Be Fuzzy

As a tai chi teacher and movement coach, I get to meet a lot of people who want to relax, slow down and have more energy for the things they love to do in life. But there’s a very common misconception that I encounter and I think it leads people to spend too much time […]