Obviously Tai Chi Improves Balance, But How Do You Explain It?

We often talk about the way Tai Chi can improve your physical health and mental and emotional well-being from the point of view of the practitioner. But not everyone out there is as familiar with practical ways to use Tai Chi to support their health and wellness goals as you may be. Later this year, […]

Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance with Dr. Fuzhong Li

Fuzhong Li, Ph.d, is a leading Tai Chi researcher, based at the Oregon Research Institute.  Since 2001, he has studied the effects of exercise, especially Tai Chi, on balance and falls prevention in aging populations. Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance is the CDC-approved falls prevention program that Dr. Li has developed based on his […]

YouTube AudioSwap

I’ve been working on this video, documenting an instructor training we recently hosted at Brookline Tai Chi: Our director, Perry, selected music, but YouTube came back saying it was copyright infringement to use that track. Ok…so it gave me an alternative called AudioSwap. This is unbelievable. Basically, YouTube has a soundtrack generation engine, that you […]