Gods Playing in the Clouds

Gods Playing in the Clouds is one of the oldest and most powerful qigong sets. Of all the sets we practice in the Energy Arts system, it is the integrator, the Earth element, fusing elements of all the other sets into one rejuvenating practice.

Here are some articles that incorporate Gods.

The Evolution of Smoothness in Your Practice

We talk a lot about the health benefits of Tai Chi and qigong, or the way they create mental and emotional relaxation, but if you really had to distill all these benefits down to one common thread, you could say that the smoother your mind, body, and energy get, the more you are truly making […]

Straight Lines, Circles, and Spheres

One of the most fascinating connections between your mind and your body is the way that the actual physical movements that you make affect your awareness. When your movements are linear and jerky, your mind stops and starts too, essentially gapping out. If you can move in a smooth circular way, your mind tends to […]