From Inevitable to Impossible in Standing Qigong….and Back Again?

Update: After you read this post, check out my answers to some great questions that were asked in the comments, here. Last spring, I set out to enter “the 2-Hour Gate” in standing qigong. And I got there. In fact, it was easier to get there than I thought it would be. Before you think […]

Your Answers to “What Does It Feel Like to Meditate?”

I want to thank everyone who took the time to answer this poll about meditation practice. You shared some really nice insights into what you experience and why you practice. In this post, I want to share some of the common themes and the particular language people used to express what happens in a typical […]

Poll: What Does It Feel Like When You Meditate?

I was talking to a friend last night about standing qigong and different meditation traditions that we had both tried. When we say “meditation” in this context, we were including all practices like breathing for relaxation, Tai Chi, qigong, and sitting practices too. Part of what I’d like to hear from you (see below) is […]

3 Layers of Neigong Practice and Taoist Meditation with Paul Cavel

In this episode of Qigong Radio, Energy Arts Senior Instructor Paul Cavel explains the 3 different layers of neigong practice: Beginner or Foundational Practices — Dragon and Tiger, Opening the Energy Gates, and Heaven and Earth Intermediate or Power-Production Practices — Spiraling Energy Body and Bend the Bow Advanced or Integration Practices — Gods Playing […]

Putting The Mind Inside The Body with Cathy Kerr

Dr. Cathy Kerr

What do we mean when we say we “put our mind inside our body” when we meditate, do qigong, or Tai Chi? Dr. Cathy Kerr helps us understand this question from the perspective of modern neuroscience. In addition to being a Tai Chi practitioner, Cathy is the Director of Translational Neuroscience at Contemplative Studies Initiative […]

What Are The Benefits Of Doing Qigong Prior To Meditation?

Standing Qigong as Prep for Meditation

The most popular discussion topic in the Inner Form coaching section for April was the question of how to integrate qigong and meditation. The original poster asked, “What are the benefits of doing qigong prior to meditation? I would think that doing qigong before meditation would help to have a deeper meditation practice and vice […]

Meditation for People Who Can’t Sit Still

Have you ever tried to meditate? You sit down, close your eyes, and try to drop into a deep state of focus and relaxation….but you start thinking about a million different things, from what you have to do later today, to a fight you just had, to that itch on your leg that gets louder […]

Bruce Frantzis’ New Taoist Meditation Circle

I just started working with Bruce’s new meditation program. I’m very excited to hear him framing this home-study series in terms of rhythms, pacing, and long term development.