Discovering Intrinsic Practice Motivation

For the last couple of years, I’ve been teaching regular workshops in Farmington, Maine. When I went up again last week, I had a fascinating conversation with one of the students. She was telling me how the core group had been coming along and that other people have come in and out of practicing with […]

How to Learn Absolutely Anything in 2012

At this time of year, you hear a lot about New Year’s resolutions. This year, I was happy to see a lot of people saying “New Year’s resolutions don’t work.” We all know that’s true from personal experience, but these folks were referencing a growing understanding about how learning and skill-building take place. Most of […]

The Man Who Did His Tai Chi Form 19,100 Times

Sandy Davis runs Resilience Works

I got an email the other day that was a little bit different than the usual requests for lessons. It read: “I learned the Short Form at Brookline Tai Chi under the tutelage of Bill Ryan back about 1996-1997. For seven years, I continued to do the short form three times every morning. Then for […]

30 Day Better Breathing Challenge

Recently, I’ve been talking a lot about two things, improving your breathing to give you a major energy/relaxation boost and developing tools that help you follow-through on your home practice. I’ve even created an online course with all the information you need to cultivate better breathing habits: Better Breathing. The biggest lesson we learned as […]

DIY Home Practice Challenge

From the recent practice survey we conducted at Brookline Tai Chi and experiments I’ve been running in online learning, it’s become clearer and clearer to me that most people need some external motivation when they are learning a new skill. That’s not a judgment about willpower and motivation, it actually says more about the way […]

Decoding Student Practice Habits

What the heck does Donkey Kong have to do with the practice habits of tai chi students? It turns out the ladders and platforms in the video game are a perfect model for understanding the ecosystem of students practice habits. Let me explain the survey design and then I’ll share some really fascinating results about […]

Building Better Practice Tools

I’m running a little experiment right now at Brookline Tai Chi to see if we can help our students develop better home practice habits. Specifically, I’m experimenting with self-reporting and automated reminders to spark daily practice sessions outside of class.

xkcd: Let Go

Be sure to mouse over for the original title text from the comic (Thanks, Nate!).

Buried Psychological Nuggets

Here’s a long post from one of my favorite authors, Ramit Sethi. He often writes about putting ideas into action and I think this post is another great example, BUT, that’s not what I want to highlight here.

Simplicity, Persuasion and Technology

I’ve been reading/watching a lot of BJ Fogg’s work lately. He studies the persuasive power of technology for positive behavior change. You’ll recognize my interest here if you read some of my recent posts on game design mechanics and the potential to integrate technology into real world learning.