The 3 Most Common Questions About Learning Qigong

One of the most satisfying things about running this site is when you guys reach out and ask questions about Qigong and Tai Chi. Today, I wanted to share with you 3 of the most common ones I get about starting up a qigong practice (and if you have a different one, something I’ve missed, […]

5 YouTube Qigong Videos You Can Actually Learn From

I’m sure you’ve spent time looking around YouTube for qigong and tai chi videos. According to their website, people upload 24 hours of video to YouTube every minute! No doubt you’ve seen some crazy stuff. So how do you sift through all of it and more importantly, are there any qigong videos on YouTube worth […]

30 Day Better Breathing Challenge

Recently, I’ve been talking a lot about two things, improving your breathing to give you a major energy/relaxation boost and developing tools that help you follow-through on your home practice. I’ve even created an online course with all the information you need to cultivate better breathing habits: Better Breathing. The biggest lesson we learned as […]

Gods Playing in the Clouds at Brookline Tai Chi

We’re running a little experiment at Brookline Tai Chi to see if providing students with practice reminders, ahead of time, will make them more comfortable starting the Gods Playing in the Clouds chi gung class this summer.

Q&A with Energy Arts Senior Instructor Paul Cavel

Paul Cavel is an Energy Arts Senior Instructor based in London. He teaches regular weekly classes there, but he’s also been traveling all over the UK and Europe for years teaching workshops, including annual week-long retreats in Crete. I talked to Paul a little bit about his background in Tai Chi, neigong, and Ba Gua […]

Cross-Posted from Trainerfly: Launching an Online Course

Check out this post from the Trainerfly blog. I talk to teachers and trainers all the time who want move beyond their live events, but the number of steps it takes, and the technology required to make it work seem overwhelming. Hopefully, I’ve made a little dent in that perception!

Launching the First “Foundations of Relaxation” Course

I’m pretty excited about this: Eyes and Visual Training It’s my new online course and the first in the Foundations of Relaxation Series I wrote about here. As I’ve been developing the course, I keep saying to myself, “I wish everyone who comes to see me for pain relief or to learn tai chi did […]

User Feedback from Trainerfly Beta

megaphone by estimmel

Over the last month or so, I’ve gotten Trainerfly out into people’s hands and I’ve been learning some really interesting lessons. I think it was easy for me to get wrapped up in how I’ve evolved it as a tool in my business over the last two years and lose perspective on how other people […]

Introducing the “Foundations of Relaxation” Series

Your Picture May Be Fuzzy

As a tai chi teacher and movement coach, I get to meet a lot of people who want to relax, slow down and have more energy for the things they love to do in life. But there’s a very common misconception that I encounter and I think it leads people to spend too much time […]

Epic Meaning, Sheep Knuckles, and The Institute for the Future

Jane McGonigal gives a fascinating talk about the “superpowers” cultivated by the game-playing masses (more than 500 million with another billion coming up in the next decade!). Obviously we all have the image of the gamer locked in his mother’s basement, endlessly pawing away at an electronic reward system, like a hamster. McGonigal’s takeaway is […]