Poll: What Does It Feel Like When You Meditate?

I was talking to a friend last night about standing qigong and different meditation traditions that we had both tried. When we say “meditation” in this context, we were including all practices like breathing for relaxation, Tai Chi, qigong, and sitting practices too. Part of what I’d like to hear from you (see below) is […]

4 Practice Partners You Should Avoid

The next time you go to class, watch out for these 4 practice partners. While they all start out with good intentions, if you hang out with them too much, you’ll get sucked into their quirky habits and slow down your own progress. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Practice Twice a Day

So, I know I’m writing this on vacation where the most pressing decision we make each day is whether to hike, kayak, or swim, but I’m going to go ahead anyway and recommend that you practice twice a day. Here’s why…

Personal Practice Journey

Having the luxury of a full month of training this summer has made me step back and reflect on my own personal practice over the last 13 years. I tried to put together some of what this process has been like for me and sum it up here. I’m curious to know what you think. […]

How Breathing, Qigong, and Meditation Improve Quality of Life

I asked my friend and fellow qigong practitioner Catherine Chenoweth to talk a little bit about her experience using qigong to manage a chronic health condition. Here’s what she had to say:

DIY Home Practice Challenge

From the recent practice survey we conducted at Brookline Tai Chi and experiments I’ve been running in online learning, it’s become clearer and clearer to me that most people need some external motivation when they are learning a new skill. That’s not a judgment about willpower and motivation, it actually says more about the way […]

Standing Single Whip

Every time I circle back to extended periods of posture-holding, I find all kinds of new layers in my practice. Lately, I’ve been holding Single Whip. I was shooting some other videos and I thought, “why not see what happens over those 30 minutes”. I had a mic on, so whenever I changed focus or […]

Tai Chi in Telluride

Take Home One New Thing

Hiking in Telluride

I’m on vacation this week in Telluride, Colorado. Telluride nestled into a box canyon, with peaks jutting up all around it. Pretty amazing scenery and hiking around at 10,000 feet gives you plenty of time to think. Whenever I come to a place like this, I always play the game of “What If I Lived […]