Teaching Cycles

I’m coming to another big teaching cycle in Trainerfly and I think this short clip of David Heinemeier Hansson speaking at Stanford’s Entrepreneurship Corner is really useful to frame the mindset:

New Trainerfly Video Series

I don’t know if I’m more excited about the video series, the fact that we’re inches away from the private beta launch, or that I can embed all the videos in one of Viddler’s “vidgets”. Check them out:

Trainerfly Pre-Launch in the Works

I spent a fair amount of time today migrating, connecting, and updating. Over the last month or so, I’ve been building out a wordpress front-end site for Trainerfly. My brother Sam has come through with some awesome illustration, including the logo and characters for the blog tutorials. We had a funny debate about the use […]

Ba Gua Program Product Launch

I’ve been working with the team at Energy Arts on various projects, but mainly in the capacity as a community coordinator. Currently, my focus is on helping them get a new community discussion forum off the ground, but I also had the chance to participate in the launch of their new Ba Gua Mastery Program. […]