Tai Chi Mastery Program

Bruce Frantzis' Tai Chi Mastery Program was recorded during a month-long intensive in Brighton, England in the summer of 2011, and then in Boston in March 2012, for the Push Hands module. I was present for both events and posted live updates during each training.

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Dust Off Your Tai Chi Mastery Program

Bruce Frantzis' Tai Chi Mastery Program

It looks like Energy Arts is releasing another set of The Tai Chi Mastery Program. This is a short message to those of you who have the program sitting on your bookshelf, collecting dust, or still pristinely packaged: Let’s open it up and get to work! Now, if you’re not familiar with this program, take […]

Tai Chi’s Most Powerful Technique

After teaching thousands of people of all ages and physical abilities over the last eight years, it is clear to me that there is one technique in Tai Chi that is more powerful than all others. My main teacher, Bruce Frantzis, introduced me to this technique and taught me how to use all its variations, […]

The Eight Energies of Tai Chi and the Physical Attributes of Roll Back

As part of the Tai Chi Mastery Program, Bruce Frantzis recently published a report called “The Eight Principles of Tai Chi Chuan.” The report is full of detail about stages of training 8 different energies of Tai Chi, laid out in clear and straightforward language. But I always have a problem with writing like this…. […]

How To Calm Your Mind Through Movement

Tai Chi in Gloucester, MA

Movement can be a powerful tool for creating a calm mind, but only when you follow some very specific rules. Tai Chi was designed with these specific movement rules because the goal is to take you from tense to relaxed and from relaxed to vital and strong. When my Tai Chi teacher, Bruce Frantzis explains […]

Good Tai Chi Is Like Listening To Your Favorite Song

When you really find the groove with your Tai Chi practice, it’s like listening to a piece of music. The rhythms, riffs, and notes phase in and out, sometimes blending, and sometimes really standing out on their own, and even though there’s a lot going on, you can soak it all in at once. Can […]

3 Essential Questions to Ask Yourself During Standing Qigong

Standing Qigong as Prep for Meditation

From the outside, standing qigong can look calm, peaceful and meditative. On the inside, if you don’t ask yourself these 3 essential questions, standing can be grueling. Your muscles ache, you tremble and sweat, and in burning discomfort you strain to see how much longer you must endure. It doesn’t have to be torture, though, […]

Relaxing Your Eyes in Tai Chi

The eyes are the gateway to your nervous system. This is a theme that my teacher Bruce Frantzis weaves into many different Tai Chi and qigong teachings that he gives. Relaxing the nervous system is one of the central goals of Tai Chi practice. With a relaxed nervous system you are more aware of your […]

Becoming a Giant Rooted Spring in Tai Chi

When you relax into the turning of the waist and feel how it connects to the legs, you begin a process of rooting while moving that creates a dynamic and springy stability. Kind of a paradox, right? You feel like a giant spring, anchored to the floor even though you’re moving around, that is constantly […]

Tai Chi Intensive 9 Months Later

When you spend a month training Tai Chi 10-12 hours a day, what happens when you go home? What does it feel like several months later when your life has returned to normal? Is it a let down? Do you need to be inspired again to continue your training? What have you continued to discover […]

Push Hands and The Tai Chi Mastery Program

We’re hosting Bruce Frantzis for a Push Hands Intensive this week at Brookline Tai Chi. The training is being filmed and it will become the Push Hands module of the Tai Chi Mastery Program, due out later this year. Here are my thoughts so far on how the Push Hands component fits in with what […]