To Breathe or Not To Breathe — January 29 Webinar

Join me for “To Breathe or Not To Breathe”, a webinar where we will explore the challenges and big payoffs that come from doing your breathing practice correctly.

Perhaps more than any other technique, cultivating a breathing practice presents an interesting training paradox: how do you change something your body does automatically 20,000 times a day, that is so intertwined with your mind, emotions, and internal energy?

In this webinar, I will take you through the major issues around developing your breathing practice, whether your goal is to smooth out your breath (and thereby your nerves), increase your breathing capacity to have more energy, or use breathing as a gateway practice to relaxation and meditation.

Specifically, we will address:

  • Do I have a breathing problem?
  • How to avoid the weakness of willpower.
  • The smart way to change your breathing mechanics.
  • How to achieve greater sensitivity through breathing.

The original live class took place on Sunday, January 29, but you can still get access to the webinar replay here:

Cost: $9 (free for Inner Form members)

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  1. Kevin Hartwell says:

    Im looking forward to the webinar Dan, Thanks!