Twisting Through the Legs

Twisting, especially the legs, is one of those techniques that sounds really cool, but it easy to overdo. Going slow and steady with twisting can help everything loosen up.

My advice: at first work on feeling what naturally happens rather than trying to make something happen. Develop sensitivity.

In this “office hours” clip, we look at twisting the legs in Cloud Hands and troubleshoot some of her stuck spots.

We went on to explore the “rings” of the legs, which are horizontal bands of tissue running around the legs. At first, when you work with the rings, you use them as markers for developing better feeling awareness of the soft tissue. Later on, the rings can be adjusted, increasing their internal or external rotation, to fine-tune your leg alignments.

Ultimately, when the legs loosen up and you create strong up and down flows in your movements, you start to access what is referred to as “spiraling” the legs, which really amps up the sense of flow, connection, and power moving through your body.

In this Inner Form tutorial, we look at how to develop the twisting of the legs in a safe and systematic way.

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