Practice Rhythms at Tai Chi Immersion Week

Here is my mid-week update from Tai Chi Immersion Week 2013 at Brookline Tai Chi.

It’s pretty cool to see folks come from all over to train for a week, but you really have to have the right mind set to make the most of the format.

See what I mean here:

When you practice, be sure to include a clear:

  • Warm-up: where you settle in and transition from the rest of your day.
  • Ramp-up: where the real “training” happens and you work on specific attributes of your practice.
  • Integration period: where you don’t try to do anything new, but let the work from the ramp-up period settle down.
  • Buffer: where, without making an abrupt shift, you transition back into the rest of your day.

Whether you practice for 20 minutes or twice a day for a week, if you look for these rhythms, you will build more energy and deepen your Tai Chi practice.

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