Energy Gates Dissolving Series

Standing Qigong Audio WorkoutsBefore you begin the process of dissolving the Energy Gates, you should read Bruce Frantzis’ Energy Gates book or get instruction on basic standing alignment from an Energy Arts Instructor.

I also recommend that you can stand comfortably for 15-20 minutes using one of the following methods:

Dissolving the Gates

When you set out to do a complete pass through all the gates, it roughly breaks down into a six-month project. There are 21 main places you’ll want to work with and you could work with one per week (you can definitely spend longer on each gate, but this is just the basic formula). Here is the list from the Energy Arts resource page:

  1. Crown of the Headdownload here
  2. The Third Eye, the Eyes, the Center of the Ears, the Temples and the Four Jaw Pointsdownload here
  3. Where the Tongue Touches the Roof of the Mouth and the Throat Notchdownload here
  4. The Base of the Skull and the Cervical Vertebraedownload here
  5. Throat Channel from Roof of Mouth to Base of Sternumdownload here
  6. The Four Gates of the Shoulderdownload here
  7. The Elbowsdownload here
  8. The Wristsdownload here
  9. The Handsdownload here
  10. The Rib Cagedownload here
  11. The Solar Plexusdownload here
  12. The Whole Belly download here
  13. The Lower Dantiendownload here
  14. The Whole Spinedownload here
  15. The Pelvis and Kwadownload here
  16. The Pelvis, Part 2: Anus, Genitals, and Perineumdownload here
  17. The Kneesdownload here
  18. The Anklesdownload here
  19. The Feetdownload here
  20. Below the Feetdownload here
  21. Above the headdownload here