New Video for Tai Chi Group

Here’s a sneak peek at some online learning support I’m doing with a Tai Chi group in Farmington, Maine. I went up a couple weeks ago to teach an afternoon workshop and this was the practice set we did by the end.

The workshop participants also have access to a private Q&A forum, so as they practice between now and the next live training, I can give them feedback. I’ll probably add some new videos as we go to answer any questions that come up. I also think it will be a useful way to pre-load content for the next workshop, i.e., if I can get them to learn some basic choreography before I arrive, we can spend our time focusing on refinements or more subtle internal principles that are best learned by feel.

Here’s the clip:

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  1. Farmington, Maine?? Seriously, Dan?!? That’s close to where I live!! And there are not a lot of things close to where I live…Oh I wish I’d known! You have to come back!! Where is this place? What do they teach..? And why don’t I know about this??

  2. I like the webpage Dan, great stuff. Cheers Michael

  3. Thanks, Michael!

    Cathy — Really?? I thought you were way further up. Bummer! A BTC students lives there and she invited me up to do some workshops, since as you know, there’s not much else available there for Tai Chi. It was great. I’ll definitely give you a heads-up next time I’m coming. Done any teaching lately???? 😉