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Claude Hopkins, in Scientific Advertising:

A Rapid stream ran by the writer's boyhood home. The stream turned a wooden wheel and the wheel ran a mill. Under that primitive method, all but a fraction of the streams' potentiality went to waste.

Then someone applied scientific methods to that stream -- put in a turbine and dynamos. Now, with no more water, no more power, it runs a large manufacturing plant.

I love the image of harnessing more power from natural resources through better systems. Obviously, we're still taking about making a small business really churn, not powering a city from a hydro-electric plant, but the lesson is clear. If you're not using good systems in your small business, you're wasting potential.

Now, I'd like to have it both ways, because the other part of the image that is so striking to me is the miller with the old wooden wheel. Every movement education professional that I know is really a craftsperson at heart. I just know there's a balance, though, between your craft and your business supporting a lifestyle you'd like to live. That's what we're striving to find.

Image courtesy of DaveKav