Poll: What Does It Feel Like When You Meditate?

help-browserI was talking to a friend last night about standing qigong and different meditation traditions that we had both tried.

When we say “meditation” in this context, we were including all practices like breathing for relaxation, Tai Chi, qigong, and sitting practices too. Part of what I’d like to hear from you (see below) is how you define “meditation” in a way that’s practical and part of your everyday life.

There were many different reasons, on any given day, that we sought out the practice:

  • To clear our heads of racing thoughts.
  • To more deeply relax the body.
  • To explore layers of the mind and emotions that aren’t so obvious during our normal busy days.

It seems like we had really similar reasons to practice, but I was left wondering if it feels similar when we practice. What are the sensations that tell you you’re on the right track? It seems like we want to end up in the same place, but are we taking the same road to get there?

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