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In this episode of Qigong Radio, Energy Arts Senior Instructor Paul Cavel explains the 3 different layers of neigong practice:

  • Beginner or Foundational Practices -- Dragon and Tiger, Opening the Energy Gates, and Heaven and Earth
  • Intermediate or Power-Production Practices -- Spiraling Energy Body and Bend the Bow
  • Advanced or Integration Practices -- Gods Playing in the Clouds

3 Layers of Neigong

Paul explains what to focus on at each level and how your learning spiral takes you back through them over time.

I found Paul's explanation of the relationships between the sets particularly useful. Specifically, understanding Energy Gates as direct preparation for Spiraling -- first you clear the downward flow of chi, then you strengthen the upward flow. Similarly, in Heaven and Earth you learn to expand the body (through opening/closing the joints and lengthening the soft tissue) before you really go into deep internal compression in Bend the Bow.

As we discussed the meaning of "integration," Paul explained how neigong is the basis for Taoist meditation and where neigong shows up inside your meditation practice.

In the episode, we talk about the great training resources available on PaulCavel.com, including the Inner Quest Journal (download a free issue here). If you get the chance, please let Paul know how much we all appreciate the high quality material he is putting out.

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