Standing Qigong Breathing Exercises — Mp3

Better BreathingThe biggest question people ask me about standing qigong, especially when they hear about the 2-hour project, is “what do you do, just stand there?”

There is actually a really delicate balance between “doing” and “feeling” when you stand. You learn lots of different techniques, like breathing, sinking, dissolving, and pulsing, but how you apply them internally when you are holding a static posture is a tricky topic.

If you rev your engine too much — activating strong diaphragmatic breathing the entire time, for example — then you miss the potential stillness in the posture.

On the other hand, if you zone out, and don’t connect to internal sensations, you’ll miss the potential for integration and you won’t build any chi or walk away with the sense of organization that your standing qigong can provide.

So how do you strike the balance between “do” and “feel” in your standing qigong practice? I’ve put together two breathing exercise mp3 for you to listen to while you practice standing qigong to help you find that balance:

These are short, easy practice sessions that focus in on one skill each: you will learn how to use the breath as a guide for your awareness, activating sensation, without overriding the potential for stillness. As you practice, you will be able to apply this same skill to longer and longer standing qigong practice sessions.

One more thing: if you enjoy these workouts and find them useful, considering making a small contribution here. Think of it as a drop-in class fee. If I know that a lot of people are finding these helpful as practice aides, I will create more of them in the future. Thanks for your feedback and support!



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