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The Wall Test is one of my favorite "breathing hacks" -- a simple, fast exercise you can do to get feedback on how well you are breathing. Check out this instruction in this video and try it for yourself:

This breathing exercise is taken from a live breathing class I taught last week. In the class, we looked at several different facets of training your breathing, including:

  • The difference between nerves, fluids, and chi when you practice.
  • How to play with internal pressures to get the biggest health benefit.
  • The quality of all-day energy you get from massaging your internal organs (which is really different from the typical "buzz" you think of from stimulants like caffeine).

The class included theory, practical guidance, and follow-along exercises. If you didn't have the chance to attend live, you can still get the webinar replay, which is over an hour long. Sign up here for instant access.

If you've already registered for the class or are a member of the Inner Form section, get access here.