Training Xing Yi’s Five Elements with Isaac Kamins

Energy Arts Instructor Isaac KaminsAs you know from other episodes of Qigong Radio and other interviews, I always try to track down authoritative sources when I want to learn more about a subject and share it with you.

Now that my teacher Bruce Frantzis is releasing two more DVD sets on Xingyi’s Five Elements, I wanted to talk to someone about these practices.

To the best of my knowledge, Isaac Kamins is the only person actively teaching the Energy Arts Xingyi curriculum who also trained with Bruce Frantzis in weekly classes for several years in the Bay Area in the 90’s.

Isaac has shared his deep knowledge of the Energy Arts system in past episodes of Qigong Radio and I think you’ll find that he doesn’t hold back on his training insights in this one.

We discuss:

  • The unique way Xingyi forges a strong mind-body connection and helps you overcome mental gaps.
  • How the 5 Elements are manifested in the simple, repetitive forms of Xingyi’s 5 Fists — and how this gives you a direct experience of Water, Earth, Metal, Fire, and Wood.
  • What it was like to go through the entire 5 Element cycle with Bruce three different times, each time over a two-year period.
  • How, even if you don’t “major” in Xingyi, you can gain insight into Tai Chi, Bagua, or even qigong, with the direct, experiential quality of 5 Element practice.

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Bonus Practice

I asked Isaac to go beyond just talking about the practice and actually teach you some Xingyi. Isaac created a short video tutorial and guided audio practice that helps you get the feel of San Ti, Xingyi’s main power-building practice.

Once you download the audio (fill out the form below to receive it via email), watch this video a few times to get a feel for the opening movement:

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  1. Great interview with Isaac!

  2. Thanks Dan and Isaac! Excellent installment of QR. Looking forward to some San Ti.

  3. Jeff Meyer says:

    Very interesting interview and encouragement to keep up the San Ti. Thanks for posting this!

  4. Andrew Van Gilder says:

    Thanks! I always enjoy hearing from the senior practitioners. Never attended an energy arts seminar but you fellas do a fantastic job of presenting workable models. I especially enjoyed the talking points about how students convinced Bruce to teach Xing Yi and sorry to the two who wanted yoga. I see yoga and Santi as complete opposites on the practice spectrum.

  5. Brendan Stuart says:

    Thanks for a great episode Dan and Isaac! I was thrilled to hear more on the connection between this training and its straight forward link to the elements.