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Isaac Kamins Spiraling

The Spiraling Energy Body Qigong set is one of the toughest in the Energy Arts system, so I asked Energy Arts Instructor Isaac Kamins to tell us about his experiences with this practice.

In this episode of Qigong Radio, Isaac explains how as a teenager he came to appreciate the counter-intuitive approach that the internal martial arts take to fighting and how the energetic sensitivity he has developed doing Spiraling Energy Body qigong has influenced how he interacts with other people and the world around him, far beyond the martial arts.

Specifically, Isaac discusses how:

  • Spiraling is different from Energy Gates and I Chuan
  • The downward dissolving practice from Energy Gates prepares you to handle the upward currents of energy in Spiraling
  • You work directly with the gates in Spiraling to create more integrated, flexible, and spontaneous internal connections

Be sure to listen to the entire episode because towards the very end, Isaac gives one of the best descriptions I've heard in a long time of the way the entire Energy Arts system is designed to help you grow over time by circling back to material at ever-deeper layers.

As we discussed in the episode, Isaac teaches regular Ba Gua, Tai Chi, and Qigong classes and workshops in the Bay Area.

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