Immersion Week 2014 and the Tai Chi Way to Better Balance Book

I’m very excited to share some news about two big projects with you today: Brookline Tai Chi’s annual Immersion Week and the publication of the Tai Chi Way to Better Balance as a physical book.

Join me from Tuesday, April 22 – Friday, April 25 at Brookline Tai Chi in Boston for Energy Gates Moving Qigong Exercises. Times, cost, and registration details in the link.

The Tai Chi Way to Better Balance is now available for purchase on Amazon, but you can also get your copy of the physical book directly from the publisher.

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  1. I find the idea of the immersion interesting- especially the Spine Stretch, as you mentioned previously how many people “in standing” find pain-discomfort when first beginning, so hard to begin.
    I didn’t find that in Standing, but in Spine Stretch when I’ve worked with that exer- each time a shift has happened that has really impacted me (along with Bend the Bow- likely a result of all the bindings/blockages not only in my spine, but all releases in my Tissue and Energy seem to shift into the spine as they occur πŸ™‚ anyway- be curious how the 70% could be applied to this (Bruce even mentioned the Intuitive sense once, of sensing what impact the releasing of a certain blockage could be- so that you don’t “release” (sink through/dissolve, whatever) so that the impact from that is beyond one’s 70%.. seems a weird concept (how), but important….. also I wonder if any others react to that exer (spine releasing), or just me. -I’m sure that will bring out some interesting finds.

    And Congrats on the Accomplishment of the Book Publishing (I’m sure that was a bit of a process- let alone bringing the Concepts into Form to present your Ideas), and great to have from you, and with your co-author- good stuff. -luck

  2. It turns out this is the Marathon weekend, so there are no hotels available.

  3. Thanks, Gary!
    In this case, the 70% principle is really about the depth you are letting your awareness penetrate. When you go deeper in one spot that the whole is ready for, you warp the system and hit those burnout points. Blockages almost call us to do this, of course, so getting a feel for the whole and proceeding lightly/slowly through your layers is a big challenge — one that’s best learned by trial and error. πŸ˜‰