Straight Lines, Circles, and Spheres

One of the most fascinating connections between your mind and your body is the way that the actual physical movements that you make affect your awareness.

When your movements are linear and jerky, your mind stops and starts too, essentially gapping out.

If you can move in a smooth circular way, your mind tends to stay calmer too. Or at least, you can calm your mind through circular movement.

The next level of “smooth”, though, is spherical movement. That’s the specialty of Gods Playing in the Clouds Qigong.
Next session, at Brookline Tai Chi, we will begin to work on Gods again. Here’s what we’ll be focusing on:

To prepare for this shift from Heaven and Earth to Gods, and more generally, unpack the concept of straight lines, circles, and spheres, I’m holding a free online class on Thursday, April 19 from 12 to 1pm, EDT.

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  1. Tom Schley says:

    I bet one of the reasons that historically armies were trained to marched in straight lines…they didn’t want the lower ranks to think! I was drafted into the Vietnam War and can tell you we marched endless numbers of miles during training, usually in straight lines. I’ve also read the so-called esoteric reason soldiers are taught to begin marching on their left foot (left, right, left, right…!) is that starting with the right would engage the thinking more. I guess the elite groups (Delta Force, etc.) are taught to think and strategize in the field…they move according to what the terrain and circumstance ask of them.
    Thanks for bringing this up…it’s really good to know about. I think it’s important for school teachers to know too.

  2. Interesting, Tom! Bruce has said something similar about posture and straight/rigid alignments vs springy and flowing.

  3. Hey Dan, Awesome webinar. Yes, you gave a lot of info. I am glad to hear (via Bill) “body moves chi moves mind.” as well as “mind moves chi moves blood (body)” Great for us body based folks. I’m really glad that I got the bit of chance to study with Bruce and you and Bill when I could. And your webinars keep me connected with this powerful system and deepen my understanding and practice. Best to you and your integration at Brookline…

  4. Thanks, Bob!

    I will post the replay here soon, but it always makes my day to know other weirdos are out there doing the same silly movements I am!

  5. We’re scattered all over the world!