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One of the most fascinating connections between your mind and your body is the way that the actual physical movements that you make affect your awareness.

When your movements are linear and jerky, your mind stops and starts too, essentially gapping out.

If you can move in a smooth circular way, your mind tends to stay calmer too. Or at least, you can calm your mind through circular movement.

The next level of "smooth", though, is spherical movement. That's the specialty of Gods Playing in the Clouds Qigong.
Next session, at Brookline Tai Chi, we will begin to work on Gods again. Here's what we'll be focusing on:

To prepare for this shift from Heaven and Earth to Gods, and more generally, unpack the concept of straight lines, circles, and spheres, I'm holding a free online class on Thursday, April 19 from 12 to 1pm, EDT.