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My friend Jess makes a point of studying with as many different teachers as he can. His goal isn't to dabble in a lot of different styles or systems. He is faithful and dedicated to his main practice, but he knows that each time he gets exposed to a new system, he learns something about his own.

See if you can glean one new thing from each of these qigong videos from YouTube to refine and improve your practice today.

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Why Practice Qigong

This video is from Taoist Meditation teacher Bruce Frantzis. He discusses the often-overlooked foundation of Taoist meditation: building a strong link between your mind and your body. When you do this, you can run energy through your system in a more stable way, enabling you to go further in your meditation practice. To me, this is a compelling reason to develop your qigong practice. What do you think?

Build Stability and Structure

Part of what allows you to build a safe container for moving more and more energy is the actual structure of the movements. In this video, Energy Arts instructor Paul Cavel demonstrates the Marriage of Heaven and Earth Qigong with clear structure. Pay particular attention to the two main flows of the movement, Heaven-to-Earth and Center-to-Periphery.

Follow Your Energy to Build Flow

In this last video, which you'll have to go to YouTube to watch since I can't embed it, Tai Chi Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang demonstrates a qigong set where you can see his main emphasis is feeling and following his own energy. Once you've trained your structure, doing this kind of practice makes the flows go much deeper.

Before you watch his qigong practice, here is an example of his Chen Style Tai Chi, so you know that he can manifest very clear structure and form (look at those legs!).

Now, compare that to the qigong set in this YouTube clip.