When to Follow a Practice Recipe and When to Reflect on Your Practice

In this video, we’re talking about building up the skill of Outer Dissolving in your standing qigong practice.

When you start out, it pays to follow a recipe – a set of instructions that lead through a certain procedure physically, energetically, and with your mind.

However, there are times you want to break away from the recipe and times you’ll want to reflect on your experience verbally — but there are good and bad ways to do both.

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  1. Hi Dan,
    Great vid, I signed up for the More Energy emails, want to check it out.
    Sorting through the Standing and Dissolving process is a journey for sure. Your suggestions are good and your approach seems right on to me. Having the direct experience is the goal of the instructions. Once you can experience Dissolving to one degree or another, it teaches you. Until then you need the teachings to find it. Having someone guide you step by step is valuable, I had to hear it like a hundred times before I could stay patient enough to guide myself down the whole body. For me I can always return to Dissolving and benefit from it. Combining it first in the Energy Gates set and later in Ba Gua Circle Walking and Xing Yi San Ti is the way to go. The more you can do it moving, I feel it strengthens the standing tremendously. At times I like to alternate between Standing and Cloud Hands suddenly and seamlessly to try and carry over the meditative state from one to the other. Kind of to trick my body/mind into thinking it’s still standing as you move a few times before it can catch up. Then back to standing once it gets used to the rhythm of the Cloud Hands. -J

  2. Thanks for chiming in, Jess! I like the switching back and forth suggestion. The contrast is so helpful.

    I owe you an email. Coming soon! 😉