Immersion Week 2014 Update

Here’s a quick update on what we’ve been working on during Immersion Week 2014.

I’m very impressed (and I say so in the video about 15 times!) with the way this group has patiently explored many different facets of the Swings and Spine Stretch without rushing ahead to try to fit seemingly contradictory pieces together conceptually.

Instead, they’re doing a great job experiencing/exploring each different component on its own.

When you practice this way, you naturally come to integration points where the components gel in a way you couldn’t have predicted.

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  1. hi, I am new to all of this. I have started just a few days ago and the last 3 times the qigong makes me lie down or crouch as if I was prostrated. then it leaves. I don’t know if I should stay in that position or stop and how long cause when I start again it brings me back to one of those positions

  2. Hi Carla,

    It’s a little hard to know without knowing more about your background and what you’re practicing, but in general, we advocate for following the 70% Principle — putting in as much effort/work as possible without strain. What happens if you practice less intensely? Again, without knowing what you’re working on, it’s hard to tell you how to scale it back.

    At the same time, it’s important to know that beginning to work with your internal energy can create reactions that are stronger/different than other forms of movement/exercise. Again, though, we always recommend a gentle approach, especially when venturing into new territory.

    Hope that helps!