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So, I’ve decided to migrate my Tai Chi site at dankleiman.com from Wordpress to a new static site using Jekyll.

Since I haven’t posted there in almost two years, but I get a steady stream of new subscribers who want to learn about Tai Chi, qigong, and meditation, I thought it would be good to give the 300+ pages and posts a more evergreen feel.

The switch from Wordpress to Jekyll is exciting for me because:

  • I get to learn a new framework that’s in line with tools I use every day, like Ruby and git.
  • I can deliver existing content to new users quickly and easily with plain html.
  • The content on the site deserves a fresh coat of paint and likely some re-writing.

As I begin to play with the different components for the migration from Wordpress to Jekyll, it seems like the project will break down into the following areas:

  1. Migrating Posts and Pages
  2. Migrating Assets
  3. Grooming/Revisiting Existing Content
  4. Site Look and Feel
  5. Handling Form Submission
  6. DNS and Redirection

I plan to write about each of these areas and link to each topic as I publish more about the different decisions and steps that go into each part of the migration process.