8 minute read

Last weekend, I had the chance to volunteer at a GoBridge event taught by Bill Kennedy of Ardan Labs. I’m trying to make 2017 my year of learning Go, so helping out at the event felt like a natural extension and a great way to connect with more people in the Go community.

Going in with Ruby as my first language, I braced myself for static typing and wanted concurrent programming to bend my brain, but that’s not really what happened at all.

6 minute read

Over the past couple of years, one thing I’ve become more and more aware of is the unease and uncertainty of diving into a new project. Not matter what the new X is, I find I always go through the same set of uncomfortable feelings on my initial approach.

Now, though, I’m starting to become familiar enough with this process that – even though the discomfort doesn’t go away in the initial learning stages – I can embrace it, coexist with it, and forge ahead in learning, because of the strategies I’m going to lay out here.