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I just started working with Bruce’s new meditation program. I’m very excited to hear him framing this home-study series in terms of rhythms, pacing, and long term development. Every couple of weeks he’s putting out new guided practice recordings, which I think will be easy to follow-through on and fresh enough to keep people tuned into their practice. I’ll let you know how it goes! Taoist Meditation Circle “Get out of your head and into your body.

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This one is for the Energy Arts Certified Instructors. The new EA website allows you to change the details of your instructor profile when you have a registered account. I think having accurate and updated information is helpful, especially if you decide to become an active contributor on the forum.

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I’ve been working with the team at Energy Arts on various projects, but mainly in the capacity as a community coordinator. Currently, my focus is on helping them get a new community discussion forum off the ground, but I also had the chance to participate in the launch of their new Ba Gua Mastery Program. The Ba Gua Mastery Program is a home-study program with information on circle-walking for meditation and martial arts.