WuChiWhen you have finished your Tai Chi practice--whether just 3 minutes or an hour or more--it is essential to spend a few moments in the simple standing posture called Wu Chi.

Wu Chi means "no form" or "no limit", and it is the empty vessel into which we place the energy-processes and activations we have practiced, so it will "stick" in our nervous systems and become part of us. (One of my students calls this "saving to disk".)

Simply stand with feet parallel, knees very slightly bent so you can maintain the feeling of root, arms down or held gently in front of your torso, or hands over the lower abdomen. Relax, with eyes closed or half-closed, and breathe.

Let your mind be empty of thoughts, but filled with awareness. Listen to the air around you. Just stand, just breathe. Spend a minute or so in this state, enjoying the stillness that contains all movement.

And then you are done.

We hope you are enjoying these lessons! Tomorrow we will send you a PDF with all of the exercises in one easy-to-reference place, so you can keep working on each lesson and look back on all this material whenever you like.

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