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I spent a fair amount of time today migrating, connecting, and updating. Over the last month or so, I've been building out a wordpress front-end site for Trainerfly. My brother Sam has come through with some awesome illustration, including the logo and characters for the blog tutorials.

We had a funny debate about the use of flies on the site and got pretty carried away at one point. It started to look like "Planet of the Flies". Too much! I'm hoping now the use of flies-in-action conveys just how much Trainerfly software can act "like a fly on the wall of every training session" for you and your clients.

I'm using the flies in karate uniforms to signify different "belt levels" of site users. When trainers start out using the app, they'll be focusing on "White Belt" stuff like adding clients, updating program info, and sharing resources. As they get more sophisticated, "Blue Belt" users focus on using Trainerfly to build value for their clients, to enhance their learning experience outside of one-on-one training. Finally, I hope to have a group of "Black Belt" trainers eventually, who will work on building new streams of revenue with Trainerfly, that where impossible with just live training.

I explain more about the belt system on the Trainerfly blog.

I'll post more updates on Trainerfly development progress as I go, but if this kind of thing is of interest to you, sign up for the pre-launch email list here.

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