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In just ten minutes of head-to-toe movement, you can get rid of stiff joints in the morning. What's the secret? There isn't one really...you just have to move every single joint. Z Health exercises for joint mobility give you an easy template to use to get this done, though.

Check out this example of head-to-toe joint mobility:

The metronome-like quality of the music got me. Sorry! You know why I like metronomes.

When you do a mobility flow like this, with the goal of loosening up your stiff joints, especially first thing in the morning, you want to follow these movement principles.

The Movement Rules for Getting Rid of Stiff Joints in the Morning:

  • Move Every Joint with Precision: In the video above, I started with the fingers and worked back toward the spine, then down through the lower body. Each Z Health exercise is designed to target a specific joint. As much as possible, the rest of the body remains still while you isolate an individual joint.
  • Build Towards Flow:Â When you're mastering the movement of any one joint, you'll start with straight-line movement, then do circles, and then progress to more flowing figure-8's. It's important to work in that order, because the linear movement almost always reveals places where you haven't developed good conscious control. You never find these places if you skip to figure-8's.
  • Never Move Into Pain: Especially if you feel stiff in the morning, you might confuse "waking up" with "being in pain." Never take yourself into painful ranges of motion. Instead, as you loosen up, your range of motion will increase. It's not unusual to notice a difference between the first and the third repetition in this regard. Remember: being in pain will not alleviate your stiff joints.

With a morning mobility warm-up like this, you'll find yourself looser, more tuned-in to your body and ready to get moving. I often use the discipline of moving each body part head-to-toe as a way to trick myself into practicing more in-depth work when I'm not really in the right frame of mind. Have you ever done that? Let me know!