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The eyes are the gateway to your nervous system.

This is a theme that my teacher Bruce Frantzis weaves into many different Tai Chi and qigong teachings that he gives.

Relaxing the nervous system is one of the central goals of Tai Chi practice. With a relaxed nervous system you are more aware of your reactions, thoughts, emotions, and really, your entire internal environment.

One of the best ways to begin to tune into the state of your nervous system is by learning to feel your eyes.

Relaxing Your Eyes in Tai Chi:

We did an expanded lesson on this same technique, using partners, at the Wu Short Form Instructor training, so I hope this practice is also included in the Tai Chi Mastery Program.

Use the "eye-check" as a way to start your practice each day, then as a periodic check during your practice session.

Are you too focused on getting something right? Your eyes will tense up.

Have you found your root and maintained nice, sinking energy throughout? You'll keep your soft eyes.

Here's to relaxed practicing!