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We're borrowing a technique from Dragon and Tiger qigong to try and get a better sense of the lower tantien.

The lower tantien ("dan-tee-en") is the energetic center of your physical body, located just below your navel, on the central axis of the body. If you dropped a line down from the crown of the head, through the body, and out the bottom of the pelvis, it would pass through the lower tantien.

Because this center is so deep inside the body, it is hard to feel. When you do find the energetic center of your body, though, you learn to realign your posture around it, feeling full and supported in a completely different way.

In this exercise, you want to:

  • Connect the palms, looking for the energetic sensation, as if you were pressing magnets together or pulling taffy.
  • Let the energy get quiet once you stabilize the connection. Release, dissolve, and let go, without disconnecting the palms.
  • Repeat the first two steps, but with the palms facing the lower tantien.
  • Finally, try to connect to this same internal alignment with the arms resting by your sides

When you find it, just hang out with the connection and don't try to do anything else!