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In this episode of Qigong Radio, Don Miller and I explore the essential elements of Tai Chi Balance Training.

As you probably know, Tai Chi is being used more and more for falls prevention programs for the elderly and becoming a mainstream part of the Western medical vocabulary.

But what are the actual elements that make up a great Tai Chi balance training program?

How can you use them for your own well-being?

How do you share Tai Chi balance training with your friends and family?

Here are our thoughts on:

  • Ways to develop "Root" that make you more stable and relaxed
  • Finding "Central Equilibrium" for more integrated movement
  • The psychological dimensions of Tai Chi practice, and how you can sneak up on them by improving your body awareness
  • The deep satisfaction that comes from literally connecting to the Earth

We explore student experiences, roadblocks, and concerns as well as giving you practical tidbits to play with while you listen.

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