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Dissolving Head

That's right, don't dissolve blocked energy, tension, or contraction in your body....let it dissolve.

Now, that might seem like a fine semantic distinction, but it captures an attitude towards practice that is essential for energetic resolution and finding deeper layers of the mind.

Let your body relax.

Let your chi sink through the structure of your joints and bones.

Let your mind land on the body.

Let the blockages dissolve.

If you come to your practice with a soft intention to be present without trying to make things happen, you will forge a stronger connection between your mind, your energy, and your body.

Try the opposite. Really feel into your body. Go so deep, so fast that you slam into tension that lives in your muscles and soft tissue. This is not the way to resolution...

Find the line that is so easy to cross between concentration and contraction. You'll come to recognize it by repeatedly going too far. If you get familiar with the mind contracting in an attempt to feel, you will also be able to recognize the moments before it happens and pull back or not go as far. This is the 70% principle.

Whatever you plan to practice this week, try this approach. Don't do your Tai Chi form, let the form do you. Let the mind sink through the body when you stand. Or let the blockages release.

Whatever you do, don't dissolve. Let dissolving happen.