Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong is an exercise set designed for the proper development of energy, health, and chi. The exercise is very useful in removing stagnant chi in the body. It is comprised of seven simple movements that provide your body with a complete energetic cleansing and massage.

Energy Arts Senior Instructor Paul Cavel performs Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong

What is Chi?

Chi is simply the life force of every living human being. When chi is present, there is life. Without it, there is no life. Every civilization and culture throughout history has had a concept and name for this life force. Chi is the name used traditionally by the Chinese for this vital, life-giving energy.

Chi also refers to various specific energies that comprise the life force of a person. The physical body, mind, emotions, and spirit all have their own chi. One way to think of this is by considering how visible light is actually composed of different colors -- something that can be seen in a prism or rainbow. Each individual color has its own characteristics and frequency.

Chi And Health

The state of your chi is a determinant of your overall health. If it is free flowing like water, your health is vibrant. If there are blockages, there tends to be poor health. If you think of chi as being like water, you get the picture. A stream that flows to a proper outlet tends to be free of parasites and muddy water. Stagnant water can support less life, attracts parasites, and is not drinkable.

So the goal of Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong is to remove any blockages to the free flow of chi. By doing so, it restores order, balance, and health to the body, mind, and spirit.

Acupuncture And Chi

Acupuncture works by inserting tiny needles into energetic "meridians" that run along the body. Think of the meridians as rivers of chi. When blocked, energy is trapped and illness is the eventual result.

Dragon Tiger Medical Qigong practitioners do not use needles, but utilize the same energetic meridians. They sweep their hands along the energetic field of these meridians, stimulating proper energy flow and speeding healing.

How Can Dragon And Tiger Qigong Benefit Me?

  • Release any stagnant and blocked chi that cannot freely flow
  • Raise your energy levels, boosting your natural healing ability
  • Increase the strength, speed, and circulation balance of chi, blood, and other fluids
  • Enhance immune system function by rebalancing chi

Learn more about Dragon and Tiger Qigong here.

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