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It's the end of the year and it's time to get out of old habits and mindsets.

So, here's my prediction for the best business model for independent fitness and wellness pros, for the next DECADE. Yeah, I think it's going to take a few years to unfold, but the groundwork has been laid:

  • No more brick-and-mortar businesses. Trust me, I know what it's like to cut a $10,000 rent check each month. That's over with.
  • No more separation between in-person and on-line. I read an article the other day that referred to '90's style "clicks-and-mortar" business, e.g. Walmart.com for Walmart. You've got to move past your website as a calling card for your services, even if you "have really good content".
  • No more big barriers to scaling up your business. This is great news. It's so easy to manage all the clients in your universe in a systematic way, through crm, email marketing, and interactive training apps like Trainerfly (ahem!), that the little guy or independent gal, can make it all by themselves.
  • No more one-size fits all products. This is the same kind of dinosaur as a physical location. You might have some good reasons to put out video products (like standardizing a curriculum, for example), but you better have a way to tailor it to your clients.
  • No more professional athlete fantasy. You don't have to go pro or get sponsored or anything like that to make a decent living.

Welcome to the professional educator reality. I believe that the movement educator who is committed to honing a craft can make a real living. We all work really, really hard in our practice and now it's going to be possible to build a business around that.

Look at any public health statistics. Do you see a lack of movement in our society? Are we aging? Unhealthy? Totally divorced from the inherent human joys of movement? Absolutely.

So those of us out there carrying the flag for better life through movement need to speak up. But we need to adapt too. We need to meet people where they are at, offer them chunks of wellness they can digest, and slowly change the conversation. And while we're at it, we need to make a living.

All of this is within reach in the next year or five years or ten years. You just need to start today with a little mental shift. Step into 2011 with some fresh perspective. You will be well rewarded.

Exit photo courtesy of heathbrandon.