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I'm coming to another big teaching cycle in Trainerfly and I think this short clip of David Heinemeier Hansson speaking at Stanford's Entrepreneurship Corner is really useful to frame the mindset:

I know the point in the clip above is more about a strategy to take when you look at the "big guys", but I really feel like the alternating cycles of "spending" and "teaching" are relevant here. We just went through a "spending" period where we were building out the technology behind Trainerfly. That was only possible because we went through a "teaching" period initially, where I learned what problems I wanted to solve with a software application.

Now I'm entering another "teaching" cycle as I share the fruits of the "spending" cycle, a viable software solution, with other peers in movement education. It gets even more interesting if you chart the smaller cycles within each of the major cycles.....hmmmm, where have I encountered that kind of thinking before??